Tech industrial investment company, focusing on clean energy technology and industrial innovation.

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Hogrēne is a green tech industrial investment company based in Sweden, focusing on clean energy technology and industrial innovation. Hogrēne invest in various areas, including solar & wind parks, vertical farming, hydropower, renewable energy, and vehicle batteries.


Industrial Investment



Company size

<10 Employees

What we did

  • Logo Design

  • Visual Identity

  • Brand Application

  • Website Design

  • Design System

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The Process

We started by defining and understanding core brand values and their primary goal. The initial audit led us to build the foundations of the Hogrēne brand. After we designed a timeless logo mark to represent the brand, we defined the colors, typography, patterns and worked on visual identity and brand application deliverables.

We started focusing on Hogrēne's official website design in the next phase. With the minimalistic approach, we wanted to convey the message and shift focus on the company's primary goal - preserving our planet and making it better for future generations.

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